Something More Than The Physical

We seem to always judge people by their physical appearance. Our value of them is based on how good they look, or how we imagine using them for our own purposes. That’s because we are of the physical world, we were taught to relate to a physical world and the physical world is a part of us. Yet, there is, also, a heart and a soul in each of us. There is a personality and a desire for happiness in each of us.

Do you see only the physical or outward manifestations of a person. Or do you look into a person’s eyes and see the hurt, the pain, the hopes, joy, security or insecurity? Do you see their heart that beats just as your heart beats, and has the same needs of love, joy, and security that you do? Do you see their soul, struggling with reality, fearing death, but hoping for eternal life? Do you see the person, or are you so shallow that you see only the body?

We manufacture our own calamities. We’re not good-looking enough, we’re not shaped right, we’re not tall enough, short enough, thin enough or fat enough; and we think that we are useless and that no one will ever love us. We are left to imagine and manufacture our own hell, because we are too self-centered to consider the needs and desires of another person, other than ourselves. We are so concentrated on our own wants and needs that we can’t see anything except our own image in a mirror. The mirror is not where the world is.

Jesus made it abundantly clear how much he and His Father loved each and everyone of us, and how much He wanted the best for each of us. But He, also, commanded us to love Him and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We cannot have true love without having God. And we cannot have true compassion without God’s love within us.

Are you unhappy with yourself? Then give yourself to God. Tell Him that you’re tired of trying to find self-centered happiness, and that you want to help others find happiness in their lives. Tell Him to take your life and make it a beautiful story of love, compassion, and service to others. Tell Him you feel like you’re a square peg and have been trying to put yourself into a round hole. Tell Him to find your slot in life, and to lead you on from there. Look into people’s eyes.
Book: God, reward and punishment: Are they real? book or e-book.

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