Take My Words

I have known for some time now that my blog has been read in a majority of nations around the world. I know that I am succeeding. I have not yet succeeded, since there is so many more people in the world that need to learn how to bring success and happiness in their lives, and have a personal relationship with their creator God. I have even learned that at least one person was inspired by my blog to make its message his own and write a book about it. Some would call it plagiarism, but I don’t. The message and words that I presented in my book, are not my words, but God’s. I simply have been spreading the word of God to those who need Him. Causing others to understand God’s will by understanding His word or teaching has always been my goal. I want God’s message to His people to be heard, understood and retold to others, until the whole world becomes beneficiaries of His love and goodness. Yes, read my blog and read my book, and then tell others about it in any form that you can present it. Spread the word, give healing and joy, and receive healing and joy. I encourage everyone to get my book and then find a way to share its message with others. It is God’s will. It is my will. I hope it will be your will.
Please get my book and learn in a few hours what took years for me to uncover.

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One Response to Take My Words

  1. Jim says:

    I could not refrain from commenting. Perfectly written!


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