When “I” Is Not Enough

Most people seek to “find themselves”. Or rather, they look for their “comfortable niche” in life. They have a circle of friends where someone knows the answer to any problem. They consider themselves good-looking, intelligent, physically strong, and able to handle anything that comes against them. It’s a good feeling.

But sometimes we find ourselves in a predicament that seems to have no answer. The world doesn’t always cooperate with our outlook on life. Sometimes we can carry a seemingly successful philosophy of life until the whole world seems to collapse around us. We push the envelope until it begins to rain, and then the envelope dissolves. It could be a serious illness. It could be divorce, or a loss of income. It could be financial ruin. it could even be an addiction, or that the season of negative decisions has produced a harvest of destruction.

Somewhere in our lives, we will realize that we don’t have all the answers, but we know who does. We’ll realize that we have limitations to our physical strength, and that we can’t control the world, or even those around us; but we know who is all-powerful, and who controls all things. One day we’ll realize that one person alone cannot take on the world without being defeated. Satan controls this world, and his goal is to tear down and destroy each and everyone in it, in one form or another. One day we’ll realize that if we are to get out of this world alive, we have to have the omnipotent and omniscient God who loved us enough to send His Son to save us.

Someday we’ll stop seeking ourselves. Someday we’ll come to seek God. Someday we’ll realize our only strength is in Him. It is in Him that our power is. That is where our life is and will be forever. So don’t try to find Easter Eggs. Find Jesus. He is the true renewal and resurrection of life. Seek the light, and find life. Seek God and find love.
book: God, Reward, and Punishment: Are they real?

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