The Real Meaning Of Christmas

All sorts of authorities want to tell us what the real meaning of Christmas is. They seem to all say about the same things: Brotherly love, kindness, consideration, generosity and concern for others. They, also, list joy and happiness. Yet, while these are beautiful attributes of the season, they are simply the result of the true meaning of Christmas.
We celebrate December 25th as the birth date of Jesus over two thousand years ago. It was the day that God’s promise to mankind that He would provide salvation for His people, that became reality. It was the day that God’s Son was born into the world to share mankind’s physical body and to experience the same suffering that mankind suffered. It was God’s plan that, just as Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son for his sins again God; God would sacrifice His own son for the forgiveness of the sins he took from the people. And though this sacrifice, mankind would be reconciled with God, we would be made righteous in the sight of God through the sacrifice of Jesus. We would be able to commune with God and enjoy His blessings here on Earth, and finally be given ever-lasting life when our bodies failed us.
What, therefore, is the real meaning of Christmas? JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE SON OF GOD AND OUR PROMISED MESSIAH HAS BEEN BORN, HE HAS LIVED AND TAUGHT US, HE WAS SACRIFICED FOR OUR SINS, AND WAS RESURRECTED TO LIVE ETERNALLY WITH US. And because of that we have hope, love, and joy for everyone, not only this Christmas season, but throughout our lives, and throughout eternity.

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