Best Friends

I have a 22 pound West Highland White Terrier named Calley. She is not my dog. She is my little girl. We love each other unconditionally. She trusts in me, relies on me for all her needs and well-being, and follows me everywhere. In return, because of this, I can let my guard down with her and simply love her and concentrate on meeting her every need, all the way down to scratching her belly. And she is so human in so many ways. I see her joy and concerns; and even though she’s a terrier, I’ve seen her scared and running to stand behind me or between my feet. But one night, as I let her go outside, we heard a terrible growling and grunting out in the darkness. It scared me, not knowing what kind of animal would be making that kind of noise. I later decided that it must have been an angry or rabid Badger heading our way. But Calley didn’t hesitate, she started off and was heading for the threat. Luckily I grabbed her before she got off of the porch, and I brought her inside. This time I was scared and she wasn’t. I don’t know if she thinks of me as her father or her master or something in between, but she was going to protect me without giving any thought of her own safety.
I think about that now and then, and I’ve concluded that we too become fearful and occasionally need to take refuge in our Heavenly Father. And, although we’re weak and vulnerable, sometimes we, in our service to our Father, may need to put aside our fears and be willing to even lay down our lives for Him if the need arises.
I sometimes wonder: do I love my Heavenly Father as much as Calley loves me? Will I, without hesitation, lay my life on the line when my Father needs me? I believe I will. You see, unconditional love affects a person that way, whether they’re a human or a little white terrier. It gives us strength.
Do you love your God unconditionally? Only then will you be able to release your death grip on the world. That’s when you will find true freedom.
John 8:36 So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.


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