Strange, Isn’t It?

There are two things a person can do to permanently change the world, and both have to do with life. A person can procreate and bring a new life into the world. And a person can abruptly and permanently extinguish a life. Both have been trivialized in order to undermine morality and the foundation of our nation.
Modern society would have us believe that sex is simply a game to be enjoyed as much and as often as possible, without having to worry about morality or pregnancy. They have trivialized the taking of life, if pregnancy should occur, and offer abortion in order to pretend that nothing of importance has happened, and party time continues.
It has not always been that way. Men revered women and put them on pedestals, because a woman could grant them the greatest reward life had to offer. Sex was the closest they would come to creation and the supernatural. Men respected women above all else in the world, and women returned their respect by only allowing themselves to become pregnant by their husband. Women respected themselves. They did not breed like alley cats and find a bread winner later on. The women respected their children, knowing that children with both a father and mother would become the most successful in life. They respected their children enough, not to want anyone but their father rear and protect them.
Yes, men respected women, women respected men, and men and women respected the life that they created. Where did all that respect go. I guess the same way that respect for new life and the taking of unwanted life went. Don’t ask the media, educators or our politicians. They haven’t a clue what they’ve done to society.
Blessings, Andy

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