Don’t Blame God For Our Mistakes (reprint)

We witness once again the vilest, most despicable, disgusting, gut-wrenching example of man’s inhumanity to mankind. Was the person who killed 26 people the end-product of our social, religious, and political struggles? Is this the best we can do? Or is this the result of our so-called leaders doing their best to take God and morality out of our people and out of our nation?
There is division among our people. Those who know that God is real, also, know that when we fail to recognize God as our only protector and the source of all our blessings, we will lose His protection and blessings, resulting in chaos and hell on Earth. Those who don’t believe in God, do not blame morality. They believe that there is no reward or punishment for their actions. They believe that the only thing that can prevent them from succeeding, is other people. They just have to be stronger, smarter, and meaner to find success. Their outlook on life is all physical. They don’t believe that America’s problems are caused by rejecting God and morality. They believe a problem is caused by a gun, an airplane, a bomb, or a philosophy. They believe that everything is physical and nothing is spiritual. They believe that we are no longer made up of mind, body and spirit. We’re just mind and body.
I try to live, loving my God and loving my fellow man, but today I am brought to the point of wanting to curse, yell, scream and make someone pay for this vile act. Yes, I want   revenge, but he’s already dead, and there is nowhere to vent my anger. I am reviled by the killing of these young children. I am reviled by the abortion of 50 million babies. I am reviled by 9-11 and the deaths of 3,000 people. I am reviled that our young people are being killed in a war to protect our nation. I am reviled that our government is providing political asylum in our country for those who have declared Jihad or Holy War against us. I am reviled by a media and government that leads and pushes us into absolute destruction. But I can’t hate, curse or kill, unless I want to be like those who have brought us to this point in the first place.
Those who laugh at the existence of God ask, “Where was God?” He’s where He has always been: Waiting for us to need Him and to call on Him. I know that our government has forbidden Him from entering schools. The killer certainly didn’t worry about an eternity in hell. Didn’t society teach him anything? I am sure that God sent his angels into the school to usher those children into His eternal protection. I am sure that those who lost children, know as I know, that they will see their children again, thanks to a loving God that protects their souls regardless of what our government says. But God doesn’t just want to clean up our messes. He has always wanted to lead us to success without the messes, but we haven’t been allowing Him to.
I pray that this heinous act will cause the American people to realize that the world is too evil for us to protect ourselves, that the world is too hard for us to prosper in it without God’s help, and that we can’t make sense of anything without His Word and wisdom. I pray that we recognize Him as our only hope, and stop ignoring Him. I pray that we once again love Him and praise Him for our good fortune, and no longer feel the need to blame him for our mistakes. I pray that America is reconciled with God as Jesus meant all people to be. Yes, I pray that America will return God to His rightful place with us, and that He once again blesses America. And I pray for the families who continue to suffer from the evil that is in the world, and from those who want to keep it in our lives.
II Chronicles 7-14, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from Heaven, and I will forgive them, and heal their land.”

Forgive us Father. Heal us and our nation. Bring us Shalom (peace, love, success, and contentment)

Bless us, one and all


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