How To Change The World

At the time that Jesus lived, Israel was under Roman rule. They paid their taxes to the Roman government and were governed by Rome. The Jews expected a Messiah to come and to bring freedom and to rule over other nations. They expected a powerful military leader to be the Messiah. It was no wonder his disciples scattered and hid out after Jesus was crucified. But Jesus never said that He would lead a military revolution. Even when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus if he was a king, Jesus denied it. He said that His kingdom was not of this world. If it was, his followers would rise up and save him.
Jesus knew that lasting world peace could not be gained through military conquest. He knew that the revolution had to begin in the hearts of each person. Only then would there be peace through the love in each person;’s heart.
He taught his followers to love God with all the hearts, minds, soul and strength, and to love their neighbor as they loved themselves. He taught them that by loving others and forgiving them for their transgressions, they would be forgiven. Then they would be cleansed, starting fresh, and bringing blessings to their neighbors, and receiving blessings from God for their good works. He taught them the Golden Rule, the foundation of all moral teachings. And he taught them to work for treasures in heaven, rather than the temporary wealth on Earth.
Jesus knew that physically conquering others did not bring peace, prosperity and happiness. Satan rules this world, and his main weapons are hate, division and war. Only God can defeat Satan. Only love can defeat hate. Only through God and His love will we ever find satisfaction and fulfillment.
Stop playing Satan’s game of divide and conquer. Play by God’s rules: Unite in love.
Blessings, Andy

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