Our Spirit

We are all born with a mind, a body and a spirit. We’re pretty familiar with our mind and body, but our spirit is a little misunderstood and mystical. We’re born with a spirit that needs and strives to connect with God, the ultimate spirit.
Consider the life of a rain drop (a single spirit). It falls to the earth and joins with other individual drops until it begins a journey with them – first a rivulet , then a stream, into a creek, then a river and on to become part of a lake or even the ocean itself.
Our spirit, also, yearns and struggles to become part of the spirit that is greater than itself. God is constantly calling to our spirit to join Him and become part of Him that powers the universe.
The Bible tells us that, “If we have not love, we have not God, because God is love.”
It, also, tells us that Jesus “has given us the power to become children of God.” And the Bible tells us that, “those that love me (Christ}, will keep my commandments, and God will love them, and He and I will come an live in them.”
We need not go to a temple to be in the presence of God and to share His spirit. Through Jesus, God and His power lives in us; and if we love (as we should) we have God, because God is love.
How, then, do we satisfy the need of our spirit to become one with God? We accept Jesus, his love, and his forgiveness, and we become children of God. With God, Christ and the Holy spirit within us, we love God with every fiber of our being, we love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and we seek to understand God’s direction in our lives.
With mind and body, we have the ability to live on this Earth. With a spirit within us that demands our unity with God, the spirit, we have the power to control our lives and to live forever in the spirit of God . And we owe all this to our spirit who knows our way home.
Blessings, Andy
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