Stealing Our Future

I recently watched a video showing a waitress in a coffee shop helping a blind black man count the money in his wallet. He pulled out five $20..00 bills and she told him that he had 5 singles, told him he had enough for a cup of coffee and stuck the $100.00 in her pocket. Fortunately, each time she tried to cheat the man, customers would intervene and save the man’s money. And it doesn’t matter if the man was black or white, wore black or white socks, or the color of his shoes. Color doesn’t matter. The federal government is cheating us all of our money and our future.

“One of the more egregious acts is to take $150 Billion out of the Social Security Trust Fund to prop up the program’s disability benefits. The Social Security raid will keep the disability program solvent through 2022, at which time Congress is likely to again raid the federal pension program.

The Disability Insurance fund of Social Security is one of the fastest growing federal entitlement programs. Created in the 1950s, it was designed to provide temporary assistance to workers suffering medical disabilities that prevented them from working. In the last several years, however, the program has ballooned.

Between 2007-2011, applications for disability assistance grew by a third. The Inspector General of the Social Security Administration found that disability applications rose in tandem with unemployment and the expiration of unemployment benefits. The finding suggests that unemployed workers are using the disability program as a kind of welfare, rather than assistance for an actual disability. The Inspector General’s office even suggested that Social Security’s disability program was the “new welfare.”Today, more than 5 percent of the working age population receives federal disability
payments. In the 1990s, the last time Congress had to bail-out the disability program, just over 2 percent of the population received disability. (Breitbart)”

The government have been forcing our poor (especially our youth) into receiving welfare, while keeping the borders wide open to illegal immigration. They allow Middle-East immigrants to flood our country, giving them welfare and medicare. Are they trying to bankrupt our nation?

“Since Obama took office, 13 million more Americans have become dependent on food stamps, with the numbers now hitting a record 47 million — about a third more than when he was sworn in. In 2007, there were 26 million recipients. Spending on the scheme has more than doubled just since 2008. The explosion of the program, along with other welfare schemes, has resulted in countless commentators and critics labeling Obama “the Food Stamp President.”

By 2011, Census Bureau data released last year showed that the number of Americans receiving means-tested federal welfare benefits outnumbered those with year-round full-time jobs. Almost $1 trillion annually goes to the programs, with over 100 million Americans receiving some sort of benefits — not including Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment. Under ObamaCare, with its massive subsidies even for those earning many times more income than the poverty level, dependence is expected to surge even further. (The New American)”

Regardless of our origins, we are God’s children, and we are guaranteed by our Constitution to have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. We are not to be shunted to the side to make way for the world’s overflow of breeding. We have the right to become those who determine our own lives and the lives of our descendants. We are not refuse. We, also, have a right to our lives and our future. And this November we will have the opportunity to take back our lives and our futures from those who would destroy us. It’s time to speak up for ourselves. It’s time to stop the stealing.
Blessings, Andy
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