Why Must Mankind Suffer?

Why may two puppies from the same litter have totally different lives. One puppy is given to a loving family and leads a life full of joy and unconditional love. The other puppy is given to a family that mistreats, abuses and even brutalizes the dog, causing it to be crippled and/or die an early death. Why?
A person or a family may suffer in poverty, suffer the early loss of a loved one or suffer diseases that may be debilitating or even end in an early death. Why?
We live in a sinful world controlled by Satan, and we never know when or where he will strike.

God can intervene or intercede on our behalf. If we ask, He can make something positive out of the most negative things that may happen to us. If asked He can doubly return our losses, as He did with Job. God can bring victory for victims and make “all things work for the good, to them that love Him.”

Yes, this world is full of evil and sin, and it’s getting worse every day.
But we need not surrender to the evil. We have a God who wants to come to our defense, and wants to prosper us in all things. We just have to ask Him. He’ll give us strength when we are weak, wisdom when we are confused, direction when we are lost, and victory over sin, death and defeat.

Pray to Him, not only for intercession with our own sins, but pray for intercession and protection from the sins of the world. Pray for America. Pray for Israel. And pray for the world. But pray everyday. Pray.
Blessings, Andy
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