Who Do You Believe?

Those who would have us break away from God,  say that Christianity is a fairy tale, or that Jesus was misled. Those people of those beliefs have never really sought God (Seek and ye shall find). They’ve simply heard other people talk and jumped on the band wagon because it excuses them from any responsibility to themselves or to others.
Jesus was incredibly intelligent and wise. He, apparently, taught himself to read and to memorize the Old Testament. He understood the message and he knew of the prophecies of his coming. He understood the needs of humanity, and through his perfect love for mankind he healed all who came to him. He knew that he was to suffer and die in order that people could be forgiven and gain ever-lasting life. And despite knowing that he would be crucified (Psalm 22) he had the courage to accept his mission and willingly gave up his life for us. Those that believe that God doesn’t exist, do not have anywhere the intellect, wisdom, love, power or courage that Jesus displayed before his death and resurrection. Why, then, would I believe them, instead of believing the greatest man that ever lived. He voluntarily gave up his life knowing that what he taught was real.
But those reasons are only intellectual. I have heard the stories of near-death experiences, I have personally heard God’s voice on occasion, I have seen miracles in peoples lives, and I have felt His presence in my own life.
The intellectual reasons for believing in Jesus only bring one face to face with the Son of God. Accepting him and his teachings brings us into a spiritual relationship with him that science can’t measure, but that we can experience personally, making him our personal saviour, our protecter, our deliverer and our healer of mind, body and spirit. This is when he becomes our personal saviour, when he becomes one with us and we become one with him. This is when we learn the truth about God and learn of His unimaginable love that He has for each of us. This is when we know fulfillment and completion that fills our very soul.
So, why should I listen to an educated or uneducated fool that denies God without ever trying to find Him? Why would I risk eternal hell, give up a life loved, protected, and strengthened by the Almighty God and our creator? I shouldn’t. And neither should you.
Blessings, Andy
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