Would You Deprive Your Child Of Life?

Would you deprive your child of life? Would you tell your child that you brought them into the world, and now the world can have its way with them? Would you tell your child that you gave them life, but now its up to them to keep it?
God is the creator of all life, and all good things that we experience in life. Satan is the destroyer of all things and brings death. Not only did God create life, but He sent His son to pay the penalty for our weaknesses, so that we could have life more abundantly and life everlasting with Him.
Who is going to teach your child about God? Certainly not the media, or government, and they are now trying to expel God from schools. Who will teach them how to avoid pain, suffering and defeat, and teach them how to find love, joy, and success? Who will teach them, if not you?
God has blessed you with children, and with that blessing comes responsibility – responsibility to yourself and especially to your child. Don’t throw your child to the wolves. Raise your children in love and nurture them in His teachings. As a parent, this is your responsibility and your solemn obligation. If you truly love them, and not just yourself, you’ll be the parent your child needs. You’ll give them life, and life more abundantly.
Blessings, Andy
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