Discussing Global Government

When a person seeks to discuss nationalism VS globalism with a globalist, they are met with anger, ranting and insults by the globalist. This is simply them proving that they have no logic or intellectual argument for globalism. They believe that their only hope of promoting their belief is to destroy the opposition by over-powering them with verbal barrage rather than intellectual reason.
If we were to open all borders and accept globalism, those that bred like rabbits would, within a few generations, overrun those people who practiced controlled reproduction. Then we would have a cesspool of humanity controlled by a small group of elitists who would believe that it would be impossible to help the masses have a better life, due to their ignorance and inability to help themselves. In short, we will have Kings and Queens ruling over the masses in bondage to the government – but this time on a global scale.
We can already see that those politicians in our society that push for a global government are guilty of ruthlessness, when lying, cheating, stealing, conniving and treachery are not beneath them. How much more ruthless will they treat their subjects when they are no longer bound by the will of the people?
Isn’t it better to have an orderly society ruled by the will of the people, in order to help ourselves and to help others in the world that need assistance? Are we so hopelessly destitute that we will accept the world as a cesspool of humanity without hope, ruthlessly controlled by self-serving demagogues? I hope not.
Our founding fathers, in America, believed that our democratic government could not survive without a moral and God-fearing people. That belief is still true today. Unless we accept God as our protector and provider we cannot, on our own, ensure freedom and democracy for ourselves, or for others. Our help will not come from demagogues, but from God who created us, loves us and wants the best for us. He is our path to Utopia on Earth and eternity with Him.

“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves, repent and seek my face, I will forgive their sins and heal their nation.”
Blessings, Andy
Book: amazon.com/God,reward,andpunishment Are they real?

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