Our white cat named Muffin had to be put to sleep on 9-24-15. She had gall bladder problems that affected her liver. She stayed in the animal hospital for 7 days while they tried to get her bladder operating again. Apparently, a cats bladder just can’t be removed to solve the problems like humans. She kept getting weaker and weaker, and I knew that she was sick and in pain. So, I held her while they put her to sleep. I wasn’t very manly there with the woman vet and her assistant. I cried like a baby when she left.
Every day when I came home through the back door, Muffin would call to me from the den next to the door. She wanted my attention. When I came into the den, she would walk around in figure eights, meowing. I would say, “Okay, let’s get some loving.”, and she would jump up on the couch, go to her little blanket and lay down, waiting for me to join her on the couch and begin the petting. Depending on her need or mood, the petting would last for 5 minutes to over 1/2 hour. And then later on we would do it all over again. I think she thought that my sole reason for living was to give her loving. And maybe she was right. I enjoyed it as much or more than she did.
We found her when she was abandoned at about 3 weeks old. We didn’t want a cat, but we had to feed her – first with a syringe and then with a tiny bottle. The vet at the time just shook his head, thinking that she didn’t have a chance. But we gave her a chance and she lived for another 10 years.
It’s mind-boggling to realize how much we can love another person, even a cat. But death is so final, so absolute. There is no rewind button. We don’t hibernate and then re-awake. Death is not the final phase of our existence, We do have a spirit and an intellect enough to realize and communicate with our creator? There are so many in our world that haven’t used their spirit or intellect to develop a relationship with the power that gives life and then sustains that life, even through death. Why? Life does not end with the death of the body. It is simply released to reap the rewards of their lives.
I believe in life – in this world and in the next. I believe that unconditional love is rewarded in the after-life. I believe that Jesus lives in the Father and the Father in him. I believe Jesus, also, lives in me and I in Him. That makes me connected to the Father through Jesus. I, also, believe that if Muffin and I love each other unconditionally, then she lives in me and I in her. She lives in Jesus, through me. She lives in the Father through Jesus. And I believe she will be there to greet me when I pass from this world into the next. I believe in love, especially the unconditional love that my God has shown me and has nurtured in me. And, because of God’s amazing love that He has shown and given to His creation, I believe I will be petting Muffin through all eternity.
Wait for me baby. I’ll see you later.

Blessings, Andy
Book:,RewardandPunishment Are they real?

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