Christian, Athiestic, or Imperialistic Wars

Critics really play up the religious wars of Europe during the reformation, in which people overthrew or reformed the Catholic oligarchy that had ushered in the dark ages. Thousands of lives were lost during these wars, but truth won out.
Then came Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, which transformed man from a spiritual being into just an extension of the animal kingdom. Men’s lives were of as little importance as cattle, and the carnage began. Communism sprang up relegating people to to the level of goods to be managed, controlled and made profit of. Up to 50 million people died in Russia during their readjustment period. This was met by another atheistic political movement based upon free-enterprise, yet with dictatorial control over the lives of people. The war between these two atheistic political movements cost up to 50 million lives. Then China turned communist and another 83 million people were exterminated. In all, the twentieth century atheistic movements have cost the lives of 200 million people. And our left-wing politicians and media focus only on problems with Christianity during the Reformation, in order to continue to push for an atheistic one world government.
Islam has sworn to take over every nation of the world, and to exterminate those who would not worship their Allah. The twentieth Century atheism cost the lives of 200 million people. The Twenty-first century cost in lives will be in the billions unless the world wakes up and realizes that Islamic threats are real.
So, tell me: What is worse: Christianity, Atheistic philosophies, or Imperialistic Islam? Or is atomic war a more humane way for the world to die? Think about it, and, while you’re at it, ask yourself where do we go after we leave this world? And we will certainly leave this world one way or another. It’s only a matter of time.
Blessings, Andy
Book:,Reward,orPunishment Are they real?

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