You Are What You Eat

We’ve all heard for all our lives that what we eat is what we become. We eat fatty foods and we become fat. We eat cholesterol laden foods and we become cholesterol laden in our veins. It holds true for even inanimate things. Our computer relies on the data that we put into it, in order to respond back to us correctly. “Junk in – junk out”.
It, also, pertains to our minds. We can intellectually desire to be Christian, but if we ingest filth, pornography, perversion, “justified” anger and hate, lack of compassion for others, and indifference toward others, then we will no longer project God’s love for all things. We will become what we ingested from society and the media and the thoughts of God will be stifled and pushed aside.
We cannot justify watching and accepting the degradation of others, in the media or in society, simply by saying that it had some ‘funny” or educational moments. The media and politicians depend on our support, and if we don’t support ungodly acts, they will cater to our tastes and desires. We don’t need them. They need us. And until we realize this, and demand a change, they will continue to feed us filth and we will continue to bring that filth into our minds and our lives.
We have all been victimized, in one way or another, by ingesting the filth of others. And just as an unhealthy or sick person needs to detox and regain their health, we, too, need to cleanse our minds by ingesting God’s word, and learning of His plan for us. Let the day of detoxification begin today, along with the return of a healthy and happy relationship with our creator.
Blessings, Andy
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