If you’ve been reading my blog or have read my book “God, Reward and Punishment:Are they real?”, then you know that whatever you want or intend for another becomes your destiny. Whatever you do to another person, or intend for another is your motive for that particular action or intent. So, what are your motives in any action or thought for another?
Jesus criticized the Pharisees for praying publicly or waiting to insure that people were watching when they gave money to the temple. He said that they had already received their reward and would not be rewarded by God for their actions, however noble they seemed to be to others. God knew that the person didn’t give to charity in order to help others, but to exalt himself in the eyes of others. He wanted to appear better or “holier than thou” to his peers. And in exalting himself he brought himself down.

If a man and his wife have sex in order to please or satisfy the other, they will find pleasure and satisfaction for themselves. But if one or both of them seek to prove their control over the other, or if one or both seek to prove how great they are to others, then they will be controlled by others – their boss, the people they work with, another driver on the street or some other situation that subordinates or causes them to feel controlled. Or in their desire to exalt themselves, will they will be brought down and know the feeling of being inferior.
What are your true feelings in dealing with others? The apostle Paul advised Christians to consider less of themselves and more of others. He advised that we should be loving in our relations with others – to forget ourselves and consider their needs and problems. Only by humbling oneself can one be exalted or lifted up by God. One of the last acts of Jesus before his crucifixion was to wash the feet of his disciples – an act of humility toward others. Today he is known the world over and exalted above all men.

When you deal with others, do you forget your ego, and do your best to help them or raise them up in their needs? Or do you attempt to prove your superiority over them or control them in their needs? What are your motives? What will be your reward or punishment?

Blessings, Andy
Book:, Reward and Punishment: Are they real? book and ebook

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