Death Of A Little Cat called Mia

Today, our neighbor from two doors down, came to our back door in tears. My wife went out and talked to her. She told my wife that her little cat, Mia, had been run over by a car and was dead. My wife went back with our neighbor to her house, both in tears. Mia was a stray cat that our neighbor had adopted, along with other cats. But Mia was different. She was a black cat, not more than eight or nine pounds. She had a bad front paw. No one knew how it had happened. But she had to walk on the knuckles of that paw and limped badly. Mia was a gentle soul, and she had two litters of kittens before our neighbor had her spayed. She was a good mother and took good care of her babies. With the other cats around at the neighbors, she sometimes didn’t get enough to eat in order to feed her babies. So while she was nursing her kittens, she would make a nightly trip to our back fence, and my wife would fix her a bowl of soft cat food. When she was finished, she went back to her babies. I never petted her or got too close to her, since she was my wife’s friend, and she didn’t really trust me. Yet, today I cried for her. Not just for her, but because the realization of the finality of death came over me again. Many people are so in love with themselves that they have no time to consider where they came from or where they will end. Society has traded tenderness for carnality, a smile for boisterous laughter and kindness for selfishness.
A cat never has to choose to accept their creator or to reject Him. Their connection with their creator is called instinct and they live their lives in this connection. We humans are different. We have a mind that is intelligent enough to consider our creator and consider His ways for our lives. Yet, so many only use their intelligence to obtain more for themselves, and hide from the inevitable. I believe Mia is in heaven, without a limp and running and playing like she was never able to do here on earth. My tears today was not only because Mia died and we would never see her again. My tears were, also, for those who will never know the joy and happiness that Mia now knows, because they have chosen to reject their creator. They need to drop their manufactured facade and face the realities of life. We humans are required to choose whom we will serve and how we will live in preparation for our final reward.
Blessings, Andy
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