It’s Our Choice

Adam and Eve made a choice. They chose to eat of the Tree of Knowledge. But with knowledge comes choices. Decisions must be made. Knowledge gives us the information we need to make a choice, but there are right choices and wrong choices. The more complex our society becomes, the more complex our choices become. Adam and Eve were alone on the earth, and their choices were simple. They were one step away from the Garden of Eden where they had no need to make choices. God supplied their needs and only asked for their obedience and fellowship with Him.
But they chose to make their own decision, and they were given the responsibility of supplying their own needs. Still, their choices were few and life was simple: choose how to prepare the soil, choose which seeds to plant, choose how to plant them, and choose how to protect and nurture the plants to maturity. Life was simple and still close to their life in the garden.
Then came children, and the choices became more complicated. Of the first two to be born of Adam and Eve, Cain chose to kill Abel. People began to multiply, and the complications of choices were compounded. Today we live in a world where other people and groups of people want to make our choices for us. They want to supplant the authority of God and become the serpent in the garden. We, then, must choose. Do we follow Satan the serpent or do we follow God? The choices for us are the same today as it was for Adam and Eve in the garden. How will we now choose, knowing the consequences of our choice is between an eternity in Heaven or Hell? It’s our choice.
Blessings, Andy
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