Abandon Your Child In A Crisis?

Imagine life being a river. We all enter in at the same spot in that river, where the waters are relatively calm. As we travel down the river of life, we soon notice that the water is running faster and faster. We are approaching the teen age years and the water ahead becomes a rapids with large rocks looming out of the water. If we’re not careful, we may be dashed against one of these rocks, harming or even destroying our lives. Where do we turn to find a safe course through this maze of peril?
God chose our parents to bear us and teach and train us. The parents are His representatives. It is their duty to protect us, and to guide us, especially through these perilous times.
The misinformation media that has brought us our present administration and our diminishing way of life, tells the parents that they should turn their children loose at the most critical and dangerous part of their lives. They tell them that sending their children away and cutting moral ties with them increases their self-reliance and independence. It, also, increases their chance of failure and destruction for the present time and their future. To abandon a child in their greatest need for strength and reliance, is the most inhumane thing a parent can do to their child. Even the most experienced and knowledgeable parent will find these rapids in the river of life dangerous and unforgiving, if precaution is not used.
A parent cannot relinquish their role as appointed by God. They must continue to teach and guide their children, especially through these dangerous times. They must give their children a chance at a future of satisfaction and fulfillment, and without risking death or permanent injury that diminishes that future.
Parents, do not relinquish your role to the misinformation media in order to appease it, at the cost of your children’s lives. Don’t run from your responsibilities. Stand up for your convictions, your morals, your God and your children’s lives. Stand up and be a hero to your child and to future generations. Help and guide them through these turbulent waters. Fulfill your duty.
Blessings, Andy
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