Thank You

I want to thank all my friends who encourage me by reading my blogs. I, especially, want to thank all those who have bought my book, “God, Reward, and Punishment: Are they real”. I know that the information contained in this book will change mindsets and attitudes, and create a better life for all those who read it. It is my hope that everyone reads it or is told about it, so that the world becomes a better place for having understood this simple law of God. If you are among the fortunate that have read my book, don’t just sit on the information – share it with others. Your blessings from having put this law into action will not be diminished by others who practice these truths. God has an abundance of blessings for all those who understand His law and who seek to be led by Him.

Thank you again, and bless you,
The book:,reward,andpunishment Are they real

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