New Age Philosophies

I find it so sad that people are gullible enough to follow new-age gurus who pretend that there is no God, yet base their teachings and truths on the teachings that have been taught in the Bible since the beginning of time. If these teachings are not true, then their new-age philosphy means nothing. But if they are true, then why do they ignore the God that gave these truths to man?
In my book, “God, Reward and Punishment: Are they real?” I point out how these truths are based on one law, that states that whatever we want for another will be given to us. Yes, giving to another ensures our prosperity. Forgiving others ensures forgiveness for ourselves Loving others ensures that we will be loved. The list goes on, but all of these truths have been stated over and over again in the Bible. These are not new revelations leading to a new-age philosophy. It is the age-old teachings of God, to prepare His people for a happy and successful life.
We are all “mind, body and spirit”. We are not simply an intelligent piece of meat. We have a spirit, given by a God that wants to continue that connection with His people.
If people would disconnect from the cyber world, and rely on their own intelligence by reading and researching the Bible, they would be amazed at the wisdom and power contained therein. The choice is up to each individual: Follow the crowd like a bunch of lemmings, never to know real truth, or truly become an individual and discover for themselves that there is a God, eagerly waiting for the love and devotion, that He has for so long given them.
Are you a company-loving rodent, or are you a child of the living God?
Blessings, Andy
New Book: God, Reward and Punishment:Are they real? book and ebook

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