Do I Dare?

Do I dare say, that there is no God? Should I put my trust in progressives who say that there is no God and no place of perpetual peace and love called Heaven. Should I believe them when they say that there is no Hell where my fears and demons become my eternal future? What if there is a God, a Heaven and a Hell? Then I have become a fool for all eternity. No, I can’t simply trust in the beliefs of others. I must believe in God. I must have something to fall back on, in case there is a God.
But, what if He wants more from me than just believing in Him? Even the devil knows that there is a God. What if He asks me to surrender myself to Him, or to be His child? Do I dare give up my plans, my desires and my way of dealing with life? Christians tell me that God knows all my strengths and all my weakness, yet, He still loves me. He takes all my strengths and all of weaknesses and leads me in a direction that best suits me as a person. He only asks that I love Him and promise to deal with life through Him and His laws if I want to find perfection in life and in death.
Do I dare trust in Him? He loved me enough to send His only Son to live and die for my sins and to give me “life, and life more abundantly”. Do I dare give up my self-centered nature, and trust in Him in a God-centered life? Do I dare?
When I think about it, I realize that the question isn’t “Do I dare”, but am I too self-centered, too afraid of going against my associates, and too mentally paralyzed to dare. So, do I dare? Oh, yes. With the world as my witness, I dare to love the One who has always and will always love me. I dare to follow His directions for my life, knowing that “all things work to the good, for them that believe in Him.” Yes, and I dare to call Him Father. And I dare anyone to explain to me why evil is better than Godliness. Yes, I dare.

Blessings, Andy
Book:,reward,andpunishment are they real?

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