The Law Of Physics?

Science is forever delving into the laws that govern the universe and all things in it. We know that atoms react with other atoms in a prescribed manner. We know how suns are formed and how planets are made, and why they circle their sun to create a solar system. We know how solar systems join other systems to form galaxies and ultimately the universe. We understand the laws of power, energy, propulsion and gravity, and we call our knowledge the laws of physics.
These laws, however, govern more than the physical. They, also, govern fields of energy created by the physical. Thought is a field of energy created by us. In my book, “Supernatural Power Through One Law“, I demonstrate that even human thought is not solely governed by our minds, but by a law as undeniable as the laws of physics.
I have discovered that whatever we truly want for another person is what we will receive for ourselves. Whatever we physically do to help or harm another person is what we will receive for ourselves. This is where the law of physics take on a moral expression and expands to become the laws of God.
Jesus said, “Whatever we would have done to ourselves, we should do to another.” We call it the Golden Rule. He didn’t say that whatever we feel toward another or do to another helps set the mind-thought of society that can one day make a full circle and return to you. He said, ” do to another, what you would have done to yourself.” The law of physics says that “every action creates an opposite reaction.” God’s moral law says that whatever thought or action that proceeds from you to another person, will be returned to you. If you want good for another person, you will receive something good. If you want blessings for another person, you will be blessed. If you want healing for another person you will be healed. However, if you want misfortune for another, you will receive misfortune. If you want to dominate, you will be dominated. If you wish to use others, you will be used. If you truly want destruction for another, you will be destroyed.
Yes, there are laws that govern every atom, every molecule, every person, and every physical form in the universe. Science calls it the “Laws of Nature”, or “Physics”. I say that it proves the existence of a God, and proof that His promises to mankind are true and eternal. I say that if we want to save ourselves and mankind from destruction, then we must become a source of positive energy toward others, and not a negative energy. In other words, we must become moral and recognize the true power in the universe and in our lives. We must acknowledge the true power of the universe and turn from worshiping His creation or the creations of mankind. We must worship God again, as it was in the beginning.
May the true Power be with you.
Blessings, Andy
book:,reward,orpunishment Are they real?

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