Physician Take Your Own Advice

The liberal left is quite fond of telling Christians that they should not stereotype and to be tolerant of others. To them that includes anything from weirdos to absolute monsters. However, as they tell us to be tolerant, they are absolutely intolerant of Christianity. Chaplains in the armed forces are forbidden to mention Jesus. People are fired every day by overzealous liberals who have no tolerance for people who have a Christian outlook on life. A fire department captain was fired – not because he shared his Christian views at work – but because he once wrote a short book for Christians admonishing them to avoid those who live a sinful life.
Jesus did say to love our enemies. He, also, added that we should bless those who curse us and to pray for those who abuse us. In other words: Do not hate, and bring misfortune to yourself through the Golden Rule. The Bible, also, advises us not to associate with those who love sin in their lives. The Bible tells us that we are given a “discerning spirit” in order to know right from wrong. Nowhere does the Bible tell us to be tolerant of satan, or accepting of sin as normal. Nor does it say that we should be tolerant of evil and be intolerant of good. This is a new concept created by those who preach tolerance and practice intolerance.
Physician, take your own advice.
Blessings, Andy
book:,reward,andpunishment Are they real?

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