Why Have Morals?

Regardless of how good, enjoyable or beneficial a thing may be, there has to be limits. We have rules for everything, it seems, except morals, which we seem to think should be a personal choice.
We don’t allow drivers to set their own speed limits. Some would put others in danger. We don’t allow tax payers to denote to the government what they feel is fair to them. We would have no government, because who would pay taxes if others aren’t paying their fair share? We don’t allow the biggest and baddest in society to dominate and starve the rest of society. Every action must be accompanied by rules that limit self-centered excess, or our society would collapse.
Sin, in the short term, offers too much pleasure or satisfaction not to become compulsive or obsessive when carried to the extreme. There has to be boundaries or parameters that allow the enjoyment of an act , without it becoming the dominating force in one’s life.
Sin may be defined as using, abusing or harming another person for one’s own self-gratification. It really doesn’t matter if a person forces, coerces, or seduces the other person into being used, abused or harmed. Harming another causes oneself to be harmed. It is the Harvest Principle or Golden Rule: Whatever one does to another will be returned to that person.
Everyone is guilty of sin in one form or another, and, therefore, causes harm to come to them by their actions towards others. But when one allows a sin to become a compulsion or obsession that dominates their lives, then they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Whatever we do to another will be returned to us, and if our life is committed to using, abusing or harming others, then we will have a life where we are used, abused and harmed by others.
Yes, we were created to enjoy all that God has created for us. And God Himself has placed guidelines or parameters in which we can enjoy His gifts without turning them into weapons that we use against ourselves.
Morality has a purpose, not only to preserve a civilized society, but to protect us from ourselves. We don’t have to ponder and create a new set of laws. God has already written the rule book, called the Holy Bible. It’s time to get re-acquainted with His guidelines. It’s time to choose life, and not destruction for ourselves. It’s time to choose Jesus.

Blessings, Andy
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