Open Your Christmas Gift

Two thousand years ago God gave us the gift of salvation through the birth of His son. Many of us have accepted this generous gift from God, and have found security in knowing that we have eternal life through the sacrifice of God’s only son for the forgiveness of our sins and our reconciliation with God. Yet, most of us have not unwrapped the gift. We have not looked inside the wrappings to discover the extent of God’s gift. We carry it around under our arm to let others know that we have a gift from God, but we never look inside.
If we look inside, we’ll discover that He has given us unconditional love that can grow inside of us until we overflow with His love. He has given us the power to become His children, to live in Him and Him in us. He has given us the Ten Commandments to bring structure and order to our lives. He has given us the gift of the Holy Spirit, that strengthens us in our need and instructs us in life. And through the Holy Spirit we hear the voice of God speaking to us. With all these gifts inside God’s gift, we have the ability to forgive others, and to forgive ourselves for having been so wrong for so long. We have the gift of healing when we trust in Him. Jesus said, “whoever would save his life will lose it, but whosoever would lose his life will find it.” He has given us all the reason in the world to trust only in Him and to follow Him alone.
All these things are in the gift that God gave us. But we can only benefit from these gifts if we open it and receive everything that He has given us. Open your Christmas gift, today.
Blessings, Andy
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