Unconditional Love

It’s easy to say “I love you”. It’s a little more difficult to mean it. We can think that we love someone, until they disappoint us or hurt us. Then do we still love them? Do we forgive them, or do we want to get even with them? Do we love others unconditionally.
And what about God. Do we say that we love Him, until something goes wrong in our lives? Do we blame Him? Do we doubt His love for us, if He doesn’t step in and protect you from that thing that has hurt you? Or do you realize that you love Him only when things are right? That is not true love. Do you realize that the world tests your love for God by placing obstacles in your life? Do you realize that only by confronting obstacles can you become stronger, and your love for God becomes stronger?
God loves us unconditionally – warts and all. He only wants us to trust in Him in every adversity, and to love Him unconditionally – in thanksgiving and in need. That’s the kind of love that caused Him to give us life, and then to send His Son to make that life ever-lasting.
Love Him the way He loves us – unconditionally.
blessings, Andy
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