The Social Media And Bullying

We hear stories of young (mostly) girls who have committed suicide or attempted it, because of social media bullying. I wonder, though, if those doing the bullying haven’t picked up the habit of bullying by watching the main stream media, where the speakers abandon truth in order to cut down, demean, and criticize their opposition with “comedy”. Ha ha. “The View” is probably the graduating class of bullying. One on the panel reminds me of a turtle, another an aardvark and another the Pillsbury dough boy; but that doesn’t stop them from attacking Carly Fiorino because of her looks instead of discussing her political beliefs. I guess it’s just funnier tearing down someone and trying to destroy them, than to try to think deep enough to be able to understand them.
That’s what people who bully are: Too shallow to understand anything, but witty and callous enough to tear down anyone they don’t understand or disapprove of.
To those young girls who are bullied: Carly Fiorino isn’t the perfect beauty queen, but she is attractive, her heart is in the right place, and her IQ is probably greater than all her critics combined. So, don’t listen to the cackling stupidity of shallow people. Seek out and become friends with those with depth of character like yourself. And remember, not only does God love you, but any true Christian loves you, too.
Blessings, Andy
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