Love God By Loving All People

A columnist recently reported that a young boy, who had expressed a desire to be a girl at age eleven, had received hormonal therapy (including estrogen) to delay puberty and to promote feminine physical attributes with the consent of his parents.
Most psychiatrists, including major schools of psychiatry, have determined that homosexuality does not seem to be  genetic and people are not born that way. They have determined that it can be programmed into a person through force (sexual abuse, pedophilia, etc.), through experimentation, or through self-determination to change their inborn tendencies. That means that every person, under certain conditions and conditioning, can become homosexual. There are many reported cases where a person was homosexual, but has returned to heterosexuality through therapy to undo the mistaken or accidental homosexual programming suffered at an earlier age.
Criminals have gone into prison as heterosexuals and been forced to participate in homosexual activities, or have voluntarily submitted to these things in order to gain favor with others in prison. Many come out of prison totally programmed as a homosexual. In the Middle East two marines were recently discharged from service for disrupting acts of pedophilia by native people who worked for the US Army. The natives said that it was part of their culture. Some young boys there are trained to become homosexual and are called “dancing boys” or other terms of endearment. Yes, it seems that anyone can become homosexual through force, coercion or being convinced that a passing thought means that they are indeed homosexual. The next step is experimentation, which sows the seed, and further experimentation fortifies that action.

I didn’t learn of the real causes of homosexuality until after my son’s death.  He was homosexual.  We didn’t learn of it until he was in his twenties, after a marriage and divorce.  We had been told that homosexuality was inherited, and so we blamed ourselves, and accepted him as he was.  He had the persona of John Wayne, always tough and strong. The last few years we lived next door to him and his partner.  They owned a business and we helped them as much as we could, including feeding them supper 3 to 6 times a week. Then he had a recurrence of chronic pain.  He had been operated on as much as the doctors could, and pain management didn’t help.  He lost his ability to earn a living; but most of all he lost his pride in himself.  That coupled with the physical pain and the pain of having been sexually molested for 4 years by a neighbor boy, became too much for him, and he took his own life.  We didn’t know that he had been molested until his death.  I was never able to have a deep conversation with him.  He was always too busy, or avoided me when he knew that I wanted to talk.  When I learned about his molestations, I wanted with all my being to kill his molester.  If I had known at the time, I know that I would have.  I struggled with wanting to kill another human being for a long time.  I was Christian, and I knew that God loved all of His creation, even the sinner.  And I tried to see the molester through God’s eyes.  I finally realized that my son had become homosexual through molestation, though I loved him; and I knew that something terrible had happened to his molester to make him what he was, though God still loved him.  I finally was able to see him through God’s eyes as a person who had suffered greatly and had been changed by those actions, but God still loved him, even though He couldn’t accept the sin.  I prayed for him, and the anger and hate left me.  I finally understood.  And I learned to love all people, even those who didn’t believe in Jesus or those who had harmed me or my loved ones.  His death had become a learning experience for me.

My only consolation is that in my son’s suicide note, he stated, that he had made peace with God and he believed that He would take care of him.  About three hours after my son’s death, as I rode in a car, thinking of what went wrong, what did I do, what didn’t I do, what could I have done, and a thousand other questions,  I heard God’s voice, loud and clear, say “HE’S WITH ME”  I knew it was God by the sound of His voice, and because it was an unsolicited thought.  I hadn’t been praying to God or trying to talk to Him.  I was simply going over those thousand questions a parent asked themselves, and God spoke to me, and all the questions didn’t matter any longer.  My son was with God, and that’s the most a parent can hope for their children.  Even though he was homosexual and had taken his own life, God still loved him, and he was with God.  He loves us enough to forgive all our sins; and He loves enough to have sent His own son to be sacrificed for our sins.
So, why do we have teachers in our public schools that lecture young children about homosexuality and put in their minds that they have a choice or that they may really be the opposite sex? Are they forced by the government or teacher’s unions to teach these things? Why would they intentionally destroy a young person’s happiness, before they even have the chance to know their real selves? Once a person is programmed, it is extremely difficult, but not impossible, to deprogram them. They may be under the belief that people are born one way or another, and if they aren’t homosexual, then experimentation with it is harmless and won’t affect them. How wrong that train of thought is.
Schools are not the only promoters social destruction. The media promotes every thing that destroys society. Stalin said that America has three strongholds for freedom: Their patriotism, their morality and Christianity. The media and politicians are attacking all three. Don’t the people who work in these industries have a mind of their own? Do they simply spout whatever they are told, in order to bring in a big paycheck? They seem to want to destroy America at all costs, without thinking about what would replace our system of government. Can’t they see that socialism will destroy all individual hope, dreams and aspirations for everyone, and we will be told how to live their lives through an anonymous clerk in Washington, who just wants a big paycheck. And if Islam prevails, how will these people exist where individual actions are dictated by fundamentalist, Islamic terrorists? Can’t those who have so much control over society see the results of destroying a society and a nation that has been born, prospered and been protected by the one true God? Where is their logic and common sense?
Many will say that if they can’t see God, then He must not exist. We can’t see our spirit or souls either, but they exist. God is spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. We must connect our spirit with His in order to really know God. He isn’t a life insurance policy. He is our life, here on Earth and throughout eternity. Why would we choose to reject Him, and accept a hideous life without love, hope or a chance at fulfillment?
People need to find God now. They need to restore patriotism, morality and Christianity to America if we are to have any hope for true happiness in our lives. Satan has been loosed upon our nation. It is up to the people of America to restore its greatness. Destruction comes through Satan, but greatness comes from God. Satan is hate. “God is love, and those who abide in love, abide in God.” Turn from the evilness in our society today, before it destroys us and our nation. Return to our creator. Return to God.
Blessings, Andy
Book:,Reward,andPunishment Are they real?

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