Minions Of Satan

A minion is defined as: minion – definition of minion by the Free Online Dictionary …
An obsequious follower or dependent; a sycophant. 2. A subordinate official, especially a servile one. 3. One who is highly esteemed or favored; a darling.

Soon we will celebrate the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; which to Christians means the defeat of condemnation, death, and Satan. Yet, Satan keeps on fighting. He knows that he is defeated, yet he, also, knows that he can convince millions of people to follow him and lose their souls to him. He attacks us from all sides trying to get us to disobey God and to sin. He uses our environment, our society, and our circumstances to trip us up and turn from God. He even uses those who have already sold out to him, to convince us to serve death and destruction. They are his minions. We call them our peers, and they pressure us to do what we know is wrong, and to do what we are afraid to do. Not all of our peers have sold out to Satan, but those that have pressure us relentlessly. They attempt to convince us that we are wrong in fearing certain acts, and we, in turn, want to please our peers. And so we force ourselves to go against our better judgment and do things that scare us, in order to please or appease them. And every time we commit an act that we know is wrong, we condition and program ourselves to accept the unacceptable, and to embrace the unthinkable.
Jesus voluntarily gave his life so that we could live a life cleansed of sin, and lead a life that was not destructive to ourselves. He rose from his tomb, defeating death and offering eternal life to those who would accept him and his teachings. Will we follow a dummy that pretends to care for us, or will we follow the greatest man who ever lived and who proved his love for us by giving his life for us? If we will stop and think long enough, we’ll know who we should follow. It is Jesus the Messiah, and Son of the Living God. The answer is obvious for all, except for those who have sold their souls for an empty promise of happiness. “Choose you this day, whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. (Joshua)”
Blessings, Andy
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