Our Only Weapon – The Word

We must educate the enemies of America to the will of God for all mankind, so that they will condemn themselves as they continue to defy God. Paul said that he would not have known sin except for the law. The law condemns us. Only Christ can save us. So let us all pound them with the Word, and wait for our enemies to destroy themselves. If they want to silence and destroy us, they will be silenced and destroyed. Our only weapon is God’s Word, and it is no good unless it is relentlessly used against the enemy. Our only hope is in God, who has given us the weapon that will defeat our enemies and save us. Keep pounding with the word until we find victory, and God returns to His rightful place in our society as our protector, provider and Lord of all.
To be silent is to be defenseless So let your voice be heard and the word of God be spread throughout the nation. The enemies of God and America are made defenseless by the Word. Use it and assure victory. Use it and assure salvation for us, our nation and the world. Use the word as God created it to be used.
Blessings, Andy
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