Real Meat Or Make-Believe Baloney

I wish these “brainy” people on the educational channels would expend as much energy connecting “miracles” with God as they do trying to connect everything to extraterrestrial aliens from outer space. Their logic jumps from “a spiritual connection to God” to “a connection with other worldly Gods” to “an ESP connection with another world” to “an ESP connection with extraterrestrials“. In their minds its only a hop-skip-and a jump from a spiritual God to a physical alien.
They say that Genghis Khan was a shaman or spiritual man in touch with the Gods, i.e. aliens, and was able to harness the weather to become the greatest world conqueror that ever lived. For what purpose was this power given to him? No one asks.
One program stated that the Nazis and aliens were cooperating during WWII and had built a secret laboratory in the Antarctic. Supposedly in 1947 and 1948 an American armada of warships descended on the Antarctic and were driven back by a single flying saucer protecting the site. If aliens have so much power and were working with the Nazis, why didn’t Hitler win the war? These alien experts twist the facts and double-talk us to the edge of the Cliff of Stupidity and expect us to jump off. I think not.
Wouldn’t it be better to ask ourselves why real love accomplishes so much in our lives, and why loving God and loving our fellow man builds great nations, while loving only ourselves brings a nation to its knees? And why is our God referred to as the God of Love?
Shouldn’t we be trying to learn why exalting God exalts us, or why a few great men have humbly submitted themselves to God and have accomplished great things or even miracles. Shouldn’t we be seeking God and truth, rather than fantasy and make-believe reality?
Oh, I forgot for a second: The media and government tell us that our Christian God does not exist, so its only logical that we should strive for stupidity until lunacy is perfected. Perhaps we need to believe in the reality of ourselves and our God, rather than be herded by demented leaders who want to destroy us. Maybe its not too late to return to reality. I know that God tells us that its never too late for His creation to return to Him – even if we destroy our world before we finally learn the truth.
Blessings, Andy
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