Real Thought Or Parroting

Our young adults are being taught that the trouble in the Middle East is due to American imperialism seeking to control Middle East oil. Anyone who investigates the facts on their own will realize that this is ludicrous.
1) The oil barons of the Middle East buy silver plated, gold plated and diamond encrusted Mercedes for themselves. They build sumptuous palaces for themselves and invest in high rise buildings and vacation meccas to maintain their standard of conspicuous consumption, while the general population suffers extreme poverty and their only hope is to die for Allah.
2) The history of Islamic imperialism to kill or convert the rest of the world has been going on for 1300 years, long before America was even discovered. it is the doctrine of the Koran.
Young people, think for yourselves and refuse to follow an empty and stupid political philosophy. This will decide your future and the future of the world. Think. The people of the Middle East are, also, loved by God, and they deserve a better future, too.
We all deserve a better future than what is planned for us by the present power brokers.


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