The Ungodly Need Our Souls To Take Our Nation

Why does our government, its servants (bureaucrats, even teachers), and media want to erase God from the armed services, schools, businesses and the entertainment industry? The answer has been passed down through the ages: You cannot conquer a Godly people. When a people worship and exalt their God, He, in turn, protects them from their enemies. Only by causing a people to turn from God, will God lift His protection of them. The Bible and history are full of stories, where sinful people are in danger, and a repentant people are saved.
The ungodly sheep of the movement believe that they are so wondrously intelligent that they can regulate a society and a nation once they have control of it. They believe that morality only hinders or prevents logical and necessary laws. The true ungodly plotters, know that an ungodly nation will fall and crumble. They know that our nation will become a third world country without God.
Europe has been agnostic or atheist for a few decades now. Two world wars drove them into unbelief. And now the European population is dying because of a lack of procreation. Europe is dying and will be taken over by Muslims within twenty years, if something drastic isn’t done. Will that be our fate? Will we allow ourselves to be herded into the killing chute like dumb, defenseless cattle?
Our window of salvation is closing. Our God is waiting. Our neighbors are relying on us. Will we continue to deny what has become obvious? Will we sell our souls for a good time and a handout?  What will we do?

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