Prophets and Teachers

Which prophet of the Old Testament failed to warn their people that they had sinned, and that they needed to repent and turn to God, or else they would be destroyed? NONE.

Whereas, modern day religious leaders seem to be unaware of our present situation in America. If one listens to the liberal media, they would think that we just have a difference of opinion concerning a minor problem. A person won’t learn the truth unless they investigate for themselves. The choice we make this November is not a simple matter of opinion, it is between two diametrically opposed philosophies: communism or democracy. It is not the time to remain neutral or to treat this choice lightly. It is time to stand up for the freedom to worship God openly and freely, to speak and act openly and freely.

Dictatorial acts have already occurred during the last four years. It’s past time to stop it, and it’s past time to speak out for what God wants for His people, and what He wants for the world. It’s time to lead.

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