Be Amused Or Think

A (devoid of) muse (to think), Implies distracting attention from worry or routine occupation especially by something funny. Amuse is to be entertained or amused for the purpose of not having to think about troubling problems or establishing goals or principles in a confusing world, where we are taught not to think or consider the consequences of our actions or lives.
We are constantly being amused, by the media and by our toys, to the point of never taking time to think. Our minds are what sets us apart from the lower animals, but the lower animals have an advantage over us. They are shielded from the bombardment of misinformation that attack us every day through our media, government and peers. They don’t stop thinking. They are then, morally superior to those of us who go through life amused and never thinking for ourselves. They are naturally loving, loyal and seeking to please others with their actions. While we go around, never using our minds to discover truth, or trying to decide what actions will harm us or help us in this world and the next. We live as zombies, without mind or soul, and following the crowd just like lemmings.
In order to save ourselves and society, we must stop seeking amusement and seek truth, regardless of what the media, the government or our peers tell us. We are homo sapiens who have the capacity to go to the moon, create a loving and caring society and to find eternal life of perfection in the God that created us. We have the capacity to save ourselves and our society by thinking and not by continuous amusement. Take time to think. You’ll be surprised at what you can understand and what you are capable of. And all you have to do is take time to muse and to think.
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