Parents And Children

Do we hate children? Is that why there is so many abortions? Is that why we feed them and water them, but we allow the school system, the media, or their peers to raise them and train them? There are powerful forces that are intent on turning our children into robots of the state. Those forces teach that God doesn’t belong in their lives, that breeding is called loving, that morality is wrong and immorality should be their goal. They teach our children to destroy themselves by ignoring the teachings of God that will bring success into their lives, true satisfaction and completion, topped with eternal life.
Why do some parents ignore the need of a two parent family to bring balance to their children’s lives? Why do those parents ignore the need to prevent destruction for their children, and their children’s need for guidance in order find the path to happiness and satisfaction? Why do they breed and then ignore their responsibility to protect and nurture their children?
Are they so caught up in themselves that they don’t give a damn about anyone else – not even their own children? Greed does not consist simply of physical things. It, also, consists of obsessions of one’s own fantasies about themselves and their imagined needs. And the children are shooed out into the jungle that will swallow them.
I guess we need those parents to grow up and accept responsibility, before we can expect their children to grow up without destroying themselves. The question of which came first, the chicken or the egg pertains here. Who do we feel sorry for? Is it the children or is it the parents?  Or do we pity the whole of humanity and their fate?

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