It’s Fear That Separates Us

Our Westie, Calley, died a few weeks ago. We took a trip to northern Wisconsin and upon our return found a little orange and white kitten, about 2 or 3 months old hanging around in our back yard. It was wasted away and starving. We live in a town neighborhood with neighbors all around. The kitten may have come from one of them. They may have even mistreated the kitten causing it to leave. My wife feeds the little kitten, but it is deathly afraid of us. It won’t allow us to come near it. It runs away. It never hisses or bows up. It just runs away if we get too close.

I believe my wife would take it in, even though we have an all-white 6 year old cat already. My wife has tried to coax it into the house. It’s easy to see that it wants to come in, but fear keeps it away.

It seems some non-Christians are the same way. They may take benefits from a Christian charity, but they’re afraid to come into the Church and be a part of the family. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience at Church before, or maybe it’s just because of their upbringing, making a Christian family alien to them, and, therefore, something to be feared.

The kitten would be much better, healthier and happier life if she would stop fearing us and come in. And those who stand outside the Church will have a much better life, the forgiveness of their sins (as all of us need), and the promise of ever-lasting life. They would be better off if they simply stopped fearing.

I believe my wife will one day convince the kitten to come in and accept her loving. And it’s up to us Christians to be kind to those who fear us, hoping that one day they will come into the church and accept God’s love into their lives. We as Christians cannot judge or condemn anyone without being judged and condemned. It is God’s law.

Two thousand years ago, everyone had to be taught the words of Jesus. There was no Bible. People accepted Jesus as their Saviour as they were. One minute they may have been a pagan, and the next minute they were a child of God. It was then, as a new Christian, that they began to learn of Christ until they one day became Christ-like. It’s the same today, so don’t be afraid. We are all trying to learn more and to grow more. So, come in, and let us grow, together
The above blog was written a year ago. The kitten did come in. We named him Sammy, and sometimes he sleeps with me, but most of the time with my wife. He’s still a little skiddish about some things, but I like the way he puts his arm around my neck and hides his head underneath my chin when he sleeps.  He’s replaced his fear with love.  Something we all should do.

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