“Whatever you would have done to yourself, do to another.“
The words of Jesus.

When we condemn another for harm that they have done to us, we carry that pain and anger into the present, where we plan future pain and retribution for the person that harmed us. But in desiring retribution for another, we receive it for ourselves, and we are doubly harmed – once by them, and over and over again by our our own desires for another. When we forgive the person that has harmed us, we erase the past, and the past is no more. There is no place in the present for a past that does not exist, and the future then stands before us unencumbered of pain and retribution. And free to receive the full blessings of God, through joy and thanksgiving throughout all of eternity.

I will forgive them of their sins, and remember them no more.“  The words of Jehovah God the Father.

Forgive and open up a beautiful future and a loving eternity.

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