I received a letter from PCRM, an advocate of responsible medicine, in which they stated that some medical schools routinely use live animals to obtain practical experience by operating on hypothetical problems. A dog had his leg broken, and then had multiple operations to remove organs until he was no longer useful and then he was euthanized. They use live pigs for the same purpose. Goats had their limbs amputated with tree trimmers in military training purposes, and monkeys were injected with toxic chemicals.
A living being cannot have a personality unless they are a person, and we all know that our four footed friends have personalities.

What are these schools doing to living, breathing, feeling creatures of God? And what are they teaching the students who participate in this gruesome experiments? It’s absolutely barbaric treating these feeling creatures who have the same drive for life as we do. But it’s no more barbaric than our school system teaching our children that there is no God, and sentencing millions of students to a life of pain, problems, turmoil and an eternity in hell.

Where is their compassion? Where is their love? And where is civilization headed?  All because liberal lap dogs choose to remove God from society and to remove children’s awareness of their own soul and spirit.   I couldn’t tell you this if it was simply an intellectual supposition, but I know that God is real. I’ve heard His voice, I’ve seen His works, and I’ve seen the undeniable evidence of His existence over and over again.

Animals are not simply physical, and humans are not simply mind and body. We have a soul and a spirit that connects us to God. Even those who promote or participate in these barbaric actions have souls and spirits. We will all stand before God one day and answer for our actions. We will all be rewarded or condemned for the way we have treated others.
Do we treat others with contempt, or do we love one another as God intended? The Bible teaches us that God is love. What are we?

Matthew 18:6  But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea.
Are you teaching the truths of God, or are you teaching the lies of the evil one?

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