Pure evolutionists believe that man is simply made up of mind and body – an electrically charged mass of flesh. They believe that the brain is the mind, and that there is no spirit or soul, and that thoughts cannot exist outside of the physical. Again they’ve fallen short of understanding mankind.

How do we explain the mind working outside of the body in an out-of-body experience that some people have? How do we explain near-death experiences where the person may be outside of the body in an operating room, observing and hearing everything that goes on, even though their body is clinically dead lying on the operating table? How do we explain near-death experiences where the person is transported to heaven or hell, depending on their former lives, and able to think, meets people, sees, feels and hears their surroundings, while doctors or EMTs work frantically to revive their dead physical bodies in this dimension?

It seems that, even though the conscious mind requires a brain, the spirit or soul of a man or woman does not,, and exists outside of the physical body or physical dimensions. It is for this reason that a person must be aware and nurture their spirit or soul in preparation for an eternal future in heaven. Evolutionists and their physical brains lead us away from God and toward destruction. Our spirit or soul is concrete evidence of an eternal future with God, and we need only seek Him.

Knock and the door will be opened unto you. Ask and ye shall be given. Seek and ye shall find.”

Do not follow the destroyer. Follow the Creator.

Book: Supernatural Power Through One Law

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