Hollywood has long been a bastion of left-wing liberalism and communism, probably taking its roots from prewar Europe, where the people were divided between communism and democracy. After the war, when the threat of communism was realized, Hollywood came under scrutiny from our government, resulting in the black-listing of suspected communists; much like the black-balling of conservatives from TV after the FCC took program production away from sponsors, and gave production to the private sector in 1963.

Part of the Hollywood power broker’s obsession with liberalism probably comes from tradition. Their fathers and forefathers were liberal, therefore they must carry on the tradition. Another reason for the promotion of left-wing ideals, is greed. These power brokers have amassed millions and billions of dollars plying their trade. They may feel guilty, but rather than unselfishly giving away their wealth (power) to charity, they use their influence to force others to lower their standard of living to support a state run by luxury-loving bureaucrats. Power and wealth to the few on the backs of the suffering masses.

The movie and TV actors, also, want a share of the pie. It doesn’t take them long to realize that embracing left wing causes will merit favor from the power brokers. Using drugs, rejecting family and moral values ensures that they will be given better access to the wealth through roles that they obtain; or that once they get out of rehab, they will be taken care of.

So, please don’t sit in a 40 room mansion and tell me to lower my standard of living to a one bedroom apartment or home. And stars, don’t tell me you support something, when you’re just sucking up to the boss for a better role and more money.

Wouldn’t it be better to build upon a firm foundation already established, and use our influence to teach moral and ethical values, so that America can feed the world in emergencies, and teach the down trodden how to support themselves?

Jihad is facing us. If we allow America to be destroyed, our enemies will ensure that we are completely destroyed. And then where will our lofty goals be? Great power can create, or it can destroy. There is a better way to deal with our problems today. I hope Hollywood wakes up and finds it.
I’m praying that they will . . . for all our sakes. Today, like never before, all America must stand together to bring about justice and equality for all through prosperity and love.

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