It has been reported that teenage pregnancies have fallen to record lows because of the use of contraceptives and abstinence, but with black and Hispanic teens experiencing pregnancy and abortion rates two to four times higher than their white peers. The Black community has had a history or enslavement, destruction of family, forced unemployment and poverty. The Hispanic community has, also, had a history of poverty, and has been uprooted from their native countries and forced to contend with a new and unfamiliar culture. The rates of teenage pregnancies in either of the three groups is unacceptable in a civilized society if that society is to survive. This is a new day with new opportunities for all people, and our new morality and principles cannot be based upon the principles adapted in an undeserved and dysfunctional time. Every group and each person must rebuild itself upon the moral teachings of a loving God in a new age of promises and opportunity..

There are many people in the Black and Hispanic communities, that I not only respect, but look up to because of their Godliness and devotion to God. Our communities are not devoid of teachers who can teach us how to stop harming ourselves and how to bring stability and blessings into our lives. We need to stop living the mistakes of the past and grab hold of the promises of today.

Democracy that relies on the will of the people cannot survive a people intent on destroying themselves. We will either have a dictatorial type government that serves the few elite in government, or we can have a democratic government that serves the people. Our lives and our government are too important to be thrown away by following an outdated philosophy of self-destruction.

Find God. Embrace God. And ask for His embrace. He is a God of love who is waiting for ours.

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