I Peter 4:8 “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.‘
Andy, “Lust covers a multitude of faults.”

It’s no wonder that our divorce rate is at 50%. Our society has been teaching the youth of this nation, that “playing house” or engaging in promiscuous sex is somehow beneficial to their future. However, the exact opposite is true. It is a well known fact that mutual “pair bonding” is created between two people engaging in sex, whether or not they are compatible at any other level other than sex. In other words, they can’t stop wanting the other person, regardless of how disastrous a marriage between the two would be.

It is, also, true that when a couple become serious with one another and they begin to have sexual relations, those trysts detract from the true purpose of courtship, by not concentrating on getting to know one another. The result is that in many marriages, when the fascination with sex wears off, they find that they are married to a total stranger, completely incompatible with themselves. The result is divorce.

Young girls, as young a ten years old, begin planning their wedding. We have television channels that exclusively program weddings. To a young girl, a wedding becomes the ultimate goal, and they will do whatever is necessary to have their own. Sex and grand weddings do not a marriage make. A marriage is made by a man and woman getting to know one another, growing to love one another, with a goal of spending their lives together. That doesn’t mean that the next fifty or sixty years will be a bed of roses, but it does ensure that it won’t be a bed of thorns.

Socrates guiding rule was to “Know Thyself“. I believe that the second guiding rule should be “know who you are marrying.”

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