There are a variety of sexually transmitted diseases, most of which we are aware. There is one disease, that society is unaware of its real danger – not simply its discomfort.
We all know that Herpes can be spread from one person to another through copulation. What we haven’t been told is that the Herpes Virus can be given to an baby during childbirth. The symptoms are much more serious for the child than for their parents. The Herpes Virus can attack vital organs in a newborn child including the liver and brain. If it reaches the brain, it can eat away and possible kill the child. Even if the newborn is fortunate enough to have the virus go into remission, the virus remains with them throughout their lives, to possibly suddenly emerge and attack the host again. Even without a severe outbreak in the child or person born with the virus, it can manifest itself in almost constant small blisters, even on the fingertips. It is a terrible thing for a child to be born in this condition. Yet,it is worse for the parent who brought the disease into their family.
No, sex is not just a way of expressing oneself, a means of validating one’s self-worth, or just plain fun. It is our means of working with God to bring new life into the world. It is beautiful. Yet, it is, also, a means that can bring irreparable damage to ourselves and others, physically, emotionally or psychologically. As with anything of great power and potential, the owner’s manual must be read before using. Its’ title is The Holy Bible, and it covers, not only sex, but every aspect of human endeavor. It’s the final Word on everything. So, read it, and don’t live a life of needless regret.

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