When a person creates a work of art – whether a painting, a sculpture or a piece of music – that person measures the success of his creation by the honor and praise that he receives. The creation not only brings honor and praise to the creator, but it affects the people who enjoy the creation. The art or music may bring beauty to a drab world. It may soothe the anger, hurt or helplessness within us. Or it may simply lift us up and inspire us. Art ministers to us in a thousand ways, making us better people and the world a better place. And so we praise and give honor to the artists that have created, and reawakened the beauty and joy within us.

We, too, are creations – creations of God our creator. So, as we minister to our neighbors and the world, let our lives bring praise and honor to Him Yes, let us praise and honor Him with our actions – Him who is the Father of all creation. And let us watch the world become a better place because of the Creator, and through us, His creation.

Let us stand tall. Each of us is a special creation, created by the Master Artesan of the universe. Let us bring praise, honor and glory to our God and our Father. And let us rejoice in this season that celebrates the birth of Jesus, God’s only begotten Son, whose sacrifice upon the cross set us free from sin and Satan.
Let us rejoice and give thanks. Let our Creator be honored forevermore.

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