Fantasy Sex

For thousands of years, until the discovery of electricity, sex was practiced between a man and his wife in complete darkness. There was nothing to distract them. They were concentrated only on one another. The major part of foreplay was in reaffirming their love for one another in word and embrace. And from that embrace they found gratification of their physical needs, as God intended.

Then the twentieth century came, and along with it the light bulb, movies, TV and the web. Men, who are more visually aroused to sex found easy access to R and X rated materials. The difference between old-fashioned sex and visually stimulated sex is that, the touch arousal in old-fashioned sex stimulated the body directly, while visual arousal needed to be funneled through the mind’s imagination using fantasy to bring about arousal. Fantasy and imagination is where the problem begins. Many who are caught up in their fantasy and imagination begin to find more sexual gratification in their fantasies than in their real life spouses, and they begin to turn to self gratification which can alienate their partners by neglect. The other problem is that fantasy sex becomes boring and greater fantasy, or more imaginative fantasy is needed for arousal. At times this leads to complete perversion through self-gratification. Does pornography or the obsession thereof, lead to sexual addiction, visiting prostitutes, adultery, rape, or other anti-social behavior? Some studies have suggested that.

God created male and female, and gave them a pleasurable sex drive so that they would mate and procreate. He did not create them to be objects of obsessive or addictive fantasy sex. We are ruining people, marriages and even society by using our imaginations instead or our arms to find sexual gratification. It’s time to return to old-fashion sex. It’s time to concentrate only on our spouses and their fulfillment. It’s time to return to God’s plan. That sounds reasonable to me. After all, He created it.

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