I’m Your Pet

I’m your pet and I really love you, but I have to explain something to my younger family. I feel love, anger, fear, frustration, sadness and all the other emotions that you feel. I’m just a little person with a lot of hair. But, my body is much smaller than yours, and my bones are very fragile. I want to be fun for you, but I’m not a toy. If you break one of my bones, it may heal, but it may, also, bother me all through my life. If you twist me or hit me on the back, you can really hurt me, and I may always have pain after that. This is the only body God gave me, and yours is the only one that He gave you. You don’t want bigger people being rough with you any more than I want to be handled to roughly. We both want to stay healthy and strong so that we can love each other our whole life long. That’s what a family does.

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